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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Altered Flip Flops

Okay, DD's lil' sis on JV said she loved cheap flip flops. They have to bring them a gift for cheer camp. So dd bought these blue flip flops. They looked like they needed some LOVE, so I altered them and made them cute!

I don't know about you, but I think they are just about the cutest stinkin' things I have ever seen, and I might just have to make myself a pair! Maybe they will all love them so much, that they will pay me to make a pair for them!!!
These were done in less than an hour! What a great craft. I stuck that red tacky tape along the thong top to make sure the ribbons wouldn't come off. I just simply tied the ribbons around the thong and put a bow where the piece is that slides between your big toe and 2nd toe!
Mojo was on vacation. It might be back. I do love summer colors!
I was at Walmart of all places today, and saw some totally awesome stuff for scrapbooking by Colorbok. They have these chipboard cubes that are so cute. They are just layers of chipboard tags, alphies, and words. They also had Autumn Leaves kits and some more Colorbok stuff.
I'm selling some more things on e-bay...rubber stamps. I've used the hound out of them, and I am sick of them. So when I get my cash, I'm going to buy some holiday rubber stamps to make my holiday cards and some of that stuff from good 'ole Walmart! Why not!!!
I also used the money I got from selling my old scrapbook mags and idea books to purchase PhotoShop Elements 5.0. I'm very excited to try that out. That way when we are on vacation, I can still scrapbook. I don't have to cart all my crap with me. I can just do it on my laptop! Will be playing with that tonight and while dd and I are at cheer camp.
I certainly hope I survive camp with 40 teenage girls on our two squads and probably 1,000 other girls...OMG! I must have lost my ever-lovin'-mind. I should get some great pics. I hope so. I can scrap them digi while I am there. Or at least try!
We leave at the crack of dawn or as Madea would say, "Oh-dark-thirty." Oh, it'll be dark alright! And the girls have to perform right after they register. I'm sure they are ready, though. They practiced like dogs! They're going to be awesome. I'm definitely videoing that!


Melanie said...

They are so cute Leigh. Im sure she will love them.

denean said...

Those flip flops are just TOO CUTE!!