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Friday, June 08, 2007

Selling OLD Scrappin' Stuff

You wouldn't think there would be a market for it, but girlies, one man's junk IS truly another man's treasure. It seems like the sorrier I think something is, the more money I sell it for on e-bay. There is no accounting for taste is another theory that accounts for that!

All I know is I have sold paper I no longer want, eyelets of all shapes, sizes and colors, old tools, extra tools, extra embellishments, prizes I've won that I don't want, idea books, mags I've read...the list goes on.

So why are you letting stuff sit around collect dust? Because you paid for it? Well, if you are not using it, at least a little cash in your pocket is better than NOT USING IT! And if it doesn't sell, it must be junk, so donate it to your local school or charity. They can sell it or use it for projects. Teachers love our old scrap crap!

Nothing is worse than having to organize stuff that you don't use. You are just shuffling it around. What is the point? Try it sometime and see how happy you are when you get rid of something and have some cash in your pocket.

My friend, Nancy, and I keep each other going on this endeavor. She usually is the one inspiring me. She has incredible luck on e-bay, meaning if I sell the same thing she does, she always gets more!!! She's at the right place at the right time! KWIM! No hard feelings, though. The point is you can make room for more stuff, which I'm not doing because that defeats my purpose, or make room for the stuff you have after the "junk" is gone.

I have some stamps I have used the hound out of. Some I have used once or twice. My next goal is to go through all them and sell them in lots. Now those I can make room for more of. I try to buy ones that have multiple uses, but some of them came in kits. I won't get rid of the ones that have words or sayings on them, unless I have used it to the point that everyone I know already has seen it!

What are you doing with kits sitting around that you are not using. Sell them. Now I don't have any of that, but I see alot of it on e-bay.

The thing is, if you save it for a rainy day, it just gets old and outdated. You get sick of looking at it. I try now to only buy what I am using right then. If I buy brads or stuff that comes multiple in packs, I try to share with a friend so we at least have different colors and such. I'm not being stingy or cheap. I'm being smart.

I think I finally got to the stage where hoarding was just hoarding and that didn't make any sense. I don't even save my scraps. What for? I try to use every last piece of paper as I am scrapping. And the teeny bits that are left are tossed. It seems I never had the right scrap for what I needed. Why store it if it is just taking up space.

Now this may not be your philosophy. Maybe I have just opened your eyes! Hard to say. I just know this is working for me and lining my pockets!

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