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Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome June and Publication


Here it is - my fourth publication this year. I nearly made the cover as I was a finalist. Lisa Pepper was the cover winner with a gorgeous layout of her friend. It was all very exciting to be in that group. There were several of us from Scrapstreet in the group of finalists!

I don't know why it is so exciting to be published. Yes, I do. It's the fact that someone else feels as excited about your layout as you do. It is a very nice feeling to be recognized. It's a pat on the back. It's not why I do it, but I love that I can do it well enough to be picked from the many submissions as one that stands out.

Often times it can be discouraging on line to not get pubbed. There was one website that was all they talked about. What people fail to realize I believe, is that people that are online are obsessed with scrapbooking. I think they are the ones that excel and so you are in among the PhD level scrappers, IMO. It's hard to be recognized in that kind of company and can be discouraging to some.

I have found that I can't scrap for calls or contests specifically as it makes the hobby I love turn to work which takes the joy out of it for me. That's just how I am. Many scrappers I know love scrapping for calls, but my personality is such that it just turns me into a competetive nut and it ceases to be fun!

I like to submit stuff I already made in answer to calls. I need to submit more stuff, but I'm so happy to be pubbed at Scrapstreet with all the talent they have! I'm just a happy camper today.

So check out the rest of their mag, too, because it has alot of great stuff in it! Subscribe to it. It's so convenient. It comes right to your mailbox every month. Dora and her staff do a great job. I haven't seen a bad one yet!

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denean said...

Congrats on being pubbed AND being a finalist!!