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Friday, February 08, 2008

ATC's again, Tangie Baxter Designs

Digi credits: here.

Tangie Baxter's My Little Sweetheart {Girl} kit was perfect for this Valentine ATC. I'm either going to put this in a pocket on the front of a card or I might make a little ATC Valentine mini book.

I'm having so much fun making ATC's! I'll be making some more today!

Right now Tangie has a great Myster Kit no. 2! If any of you remember Mystery Kit no. 1, it was jam packed full of goodies! I'll be playing with these treats over the weekend!!!

Work was so busy last night. I'm not really sure what people even bought. I just know I was exhausted when I got home and fell asleep and slept really hard! DH met me at work and we had a dinner for two at our favorite restaurant. It was so nice just to sit and chat.

Do you know my DH will be 50 tomorrow? I am making him a black cake with black icing! He doesn't know it. I'm off to the cake store to get the black powder to color my icing. I will definitely have pictures of it!

I tell you a mother's heart really does get a tug when dd starts driving. That is freedom for a kid, and they are gone like a rocket shot. I've hardly seen her all week. I miss my baby!

DS went to his friend's house. The run dogs in fox hunts or something like that. Anyway, they have a gob of beagles and a fenced area with 3 foxes for training. Last time I was there, they put the puppy in to chase the foxes. That dog just ran round and round. There are also some mini machines out there like a bulldozer as the dad is clearing some land so he got to operate heavy machinery. No wonder he never wants to come home! LOL!


Kelly T. said...

Great idea for the ATC's. Would be a really neat project!
You have to post cake pictures! That is a riot!

Azrood said...

Did you say a gob of beagles? I so wanna go too!!! Ha, I'm such a sucker for beagles. I can't even think of what it will be like once our kiddos are driving let alone when they're old enough to be gone off on their own. It's a scary thought. Can't wait to see pictures of the cake! :)

Mary said...

That sounds like an awesome evening for you 2 lovebirds ;) Happy Birthday to your dh and off to check out that Mystery Kit. Have a great weekend.

schneeflocke said...

great valentine layouts, TFS

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Your ATC is really cute. Great kit for it.

Happy Bday to dear hubby. I agree with Kelly, we want to see a photo.

Enjoy your weekend.