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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rasberry Road, Week 4 at Faith Sisters, Yoga and Weight Loss

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I hope you will pop on over to the Rasberry Road CT blog because we always have lots of new lo's and the winner of our very first challenge is also posted there.

I just knew exactly what I wanted to do for the Faith Sister Challenge. I saw the perfect quote while I was out and about yesterday and then Chuck Swindoll was preaching last night about change on our local Christian radio station. I still need to do BEAUTY and KINDNESS. Kindess I will use the Fruit of the Spirit, but I haven't decided on beauty yet.

I went to yoga yesterday, and we had a sub. She nearly killed us. I tried to run at the Y today and was sapped and sore so I just ended up walking with a 4% incline at 4.0mph to get my sweat on! LOL! I can't kill myself as I do have to maintain some semblance of energy for work.

I lost two pounds from last week when I weighed yesterday which is fab considering I had cookies, chocolate, donuts, and a piece of cheesecake! The guy was amazed that I lost weight even after that, but I do know how to compensate by eating lower calorie foods. However, when I weighed today, the very next day, there was an extra pound. So I might have lost 5 so far or only 4. Either way, I have passed my first goal and am now working on the second. I have either two or three until I get there.

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Lisa said...

congrats on meeting your first goal!