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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's What Friends Are For

Credits That's What Friends Are For by Doreen Stolz and Verena Karolyi (Collab Kit); Everthing Stitched by Doreen Stolz; Painted Tapestry by Cottage Arts.

So I'm having a creative dilemma in my scrapbooking right now. At first I got into digi scrapping because I could make realistic scrapbook pages. "Is it live or is it Memorex?" If you remember that commercial from way back when...

But then, there is so much more to digi scrapping where you can make really creative and artistic pages. They don't look like traditional paper scrapping because you couldn't do these things easily with paper.

What's a girl to do?

I've been experimenting with new things, as you know from visiting my blog. I think that is what I will keep doing. Just trying all the different styles out there, but I'm wondering where your thoughts lie on this topic?

Give a teen the keys to the car and you give them power. DD is out in front of the house yelling at ds to hurry up and c'mon because he had to run back into the house twice as he forgot things. He's older, but the one behind the wheel is the master. I don't think she'll like it too much when he gets his license and the shoe is on the other foot!

My dh is so cute. If I work the evening shift, I call him when I leave work, and he has the garage door open for me when I get home! Isn't that sweet! (We've lost our opener.)

The person who hit my car was not at work last night so I didn't say anything. I want to look at their car to be sure. I'm not one to accuse based on supposition. I'd rather double check before I make a stink.


Barb said...

I like to scrap all styles ~ that's partially what makes digie so much fun!

DawnMarch said...

I think that is the wonderful thing about digital -- the opportunity to create anything you want. It can look like a traditional SB page, or completely digital art or somewhere in between. Definitely keep trying new things!

20Birds said...

I think about this alot... i started digi because i could not pull out all the paper stuff when we first moved, but i began liking the immediacy of getting supplies, the non-mess, the community of digi...and I was able to do things with digi I could not do with paper (but i miss interactive paper pages)
anyway then i began printing my digital pages with shutterfly and loved that... BUT i find myself reading articles about "what is your style?" I am obssessed with finding my label...lol and I am not sure why that is...

Heather said...

I do a combo of both worlds. LOL I love the way real items look on a scrap page, but I love to do things with blending that you can't do on a traditional scrap page.

Great layout!

You know, I'm not counting down the year's til my son can drive. LOL He's going to be 9 on Saturday, so that's 5 years til he gets his permit. Unless please oh please they change the law. ROFL

Good luck with the car damage! I hope there's a big ol ding on their car so you can prove it!

AfriDigiDiva said...

You keep doing YOU. I love your experiments.

AfriDigiDiva said...

Nice layouts.