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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Favicon Frustration

So I made this favicon using an element from Beth Rimmer's ATC Valentine's at Digitals and the L from Jane Austen font. Much to my displeasure, I have not been able to get my favicon to show up. I tried finding an ico host to no avail. So I found instructions for uploading a gif file as my favicon. But nothing. I mean, honestly, I've managed to make hot links on my blog with blinkies and words as well as make my own header. You would think a stinking favicon would be easy as pie. And part of my personality is obsessive. In other words, I can't give up until I figure it out. It will drive me nuts.

Worse than this is I wasted my evening trying to do this and not creating scrapbook layouts! OH the trauma of it all!

Susan Darter left a comment on my blog yesterday, which was so kind and a compliment of the highest order imo! So if she reads this post, much thanks to you, dahlin'!!!

Tangie Baxter has made some great felt creations which I was going to play with tonight along with Rasberry Road's Legacy kit. There is, after all tomorrow!

So if you read my blog. I hope you like the favicon that will never be. I would rather play with my digi stuff than mess with that thing anymore!

One little stinky thing that happened was a fellow employee hit my car and broke my hubcap without leaving a message. stay tuned for updates on that as I go to work and ask whose car that was and explain to them that they hit my car and damaged my hubcap. I just want a new hubcap instead of a cracked one with a big hole in it as my car is only 2 years old.

Anyway, I will scrap my heart out tomorrow so look for some new lo's to be posted tomorrow night.


Melanie said...

I hope you find out who bumped your car, the buggers for not leaving a note.

I see your favicon but it is small. Good work Leigh.

Anonymous said...

I can see your favicon too! Woohoo! LOL It's cute!

And good luck with that at work. I hope you find out who did it!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Oh I will be watching for updates on the unscupuloua co-worker.
Love your blog by the way. I'll be back often.

amy said...

argh hope you get the hubcap fixed! that IS stinky.

Gina said...

I think your favicon problem might be related to your use of blogger as a host. I could be wrong, of course. That's been known to happen...

Lisa Joy said...

I see your favicon. It looks great instead of the blogger B.
I hope you find out who hit your car.

Eve said...

You have a nice blog here! I enjoyed reading it. :)