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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Birthday Photos

Here are some more photos from dh turning 50! Aren't they cute! Soon to be scrapped!

I had a woman come up to my counter and say, "I'm looking for something you had in your ad. Can you tell me where it is?" Now, honestly people, don't you think I could get a little more of a description! She started getting mad when I asked her to describe it more so I could assist her in locating it. Like I was the dummy. Excuse me. HOw hard is it to tell me what it looks like...silver...gold...diamonds...gemstones...earrings...necklace...WHAT?!!!! GEEEEEEZ! The holidays really bring out the lulu's!!!

Then a lady came up all pissed off because "we sold her a 10K gold ring and it is turning her daughters finger blue." I had to tell her I really couldn't comment on anything until I saw the ring, but she should check for the 10K stamp on the ring, although it is possible her daughter is having a chemical reaction. It happens. So she said to me, "Well, that would make her finger turn red." I didn't say this, but I thought it, "NO, an irritation would make her finger red...like getting soap caught under it and it starts growing stuff..." bleh! Ok...enough of that. I just told her to bring the ring back and let us have a look at it. I'll definitely be calling a manager if I'm on because she was really mad about it. But like I said, I can't do a thing or comment without the ring...duh!

My convection oven is finally on sale. It's a counter top one that holds 2 12" pizzas. How cool is that! Our toaster oven is in sad shape so I've been waiting for this to go on sale! Wahooooooooooooooo!!!! Plus I have a coupon and my employee discount!


Heather said...

Great pics! Your husband has a beautiful eye color!

And people are so weird. I worked in jewelry forever and I've worn jewelry, you with a being a female who loves pretties and all. LOL

I've got 10K and 14K rings, and every once in awhile, I don't know if the acidity level changes or what? But my 10K rings will leave my fingers green. I can't remember it ever happening with my 14K rings, but seeing as 10 and 14 aren't pure gold, if there is any metal in there that her daughter's skin has an issue with it can change colors. Or change like mine does. Most of the time I'm fine, every once in awhile though.

I've found that my white gold rings never turn my fingers green. Maybe it's the rhodium plating over it?

Ok, get me going on jewelry and I'll blab forever. I miss working in jewelry, but I so don't miss retail hours. LOL

Have a great day!

Lisa Joy said...

I wonder what people are thinking!
Fun photos!

Monique said...

Boy some people! I normally loved working sales before I became a SAHM, but dealing with the holiday crazies is definitely something I don't miss! LOL! Congrats on the oven! Isn't it great when we can find an amazing deal like that? You just know it was meant to be then! Have a great day :-)

Azrood said...

Great photos! Your daughter looks a lot like him. I used to work retail and it's never fun to be the one who gets stuck with the irate customer. Hopefully she'll come back when you're not there. Congrats on your convection oven - sounds like you're getting quite a deal! :)

Robin L said...

What great birthday photos! Ive never worked in jewelery but have worked if fuel stations, people are sometimes so different it makes you happy to have all your marbles.

Kelly T. said...

Ahh - more fine points as to why I no longer work retail. I am so sorry customers are the way they are.
Your family looks like they had a wonnderful time!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I find that people in general think that customer service is a mind reading enterprise. I'll get people who come in and ask me what they owe for their insurance. And they expect me to know and then get mad when I ask for a policy number. And people wonder why customer service is declining.

Hope tomorrow goes better for you, but knowing it's a holiday I'm sure it will be a little rough.

Melanie said...

You have to worry about some people at times, I feel for you having to put up with people like that.