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Friday, February 15, 2008

Rasberry Road

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I have an anecdote or two about Valentine's Day, which I'm sure y'all would love to hear! I cute elderly couple came to the counter and was looking for a watch, but her dh wanted her to try on a ring we had on sale. She didn't want to try it one and kept telling him no, but he kept insisting. She put it on and said, "My hands look so old."

I told her they didn't.

And she said, "Well, when you're 70, you look old. And he's 80. Plus I've been sick."

I told them truthfully they both looked great for their ages and who cares if what your hands look like anyway. Wear what you want.

He told me to set the ring aside with her saying, "No, no, no, " the whole time, while they went and found her a watch.

The came up to pay for the watch, which she wasn't sure she should get because she might lose it. And he assured her she had never lost anything so why would she lose this watch. She told me again she'd been very sick. Honestly, she didn't look it, but I guess she didn't think she looked like herself or felt like herself yet.

He insisted on getting the ring which was about a 3 carat white topaz (I believe) with diamond accents. It was huge. Anyway, he insisted she wear it out, too. And was pleased as punch to buy it for her and have her have it on. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen. I so hope to be so in love still at that age with my dh!

His woman was getting that ring period end of sentence because he wanted her to have it and that was that!!!

I also had another customer, a young man, who was buying a ring for his soon-to-be fiance who was out of the country with her job. He wanted something fabulous, but not too expensive, but not too small. I showed him everything we had, which completely overwhelmed him. I could tell he was having an overload meltdown. He had to go home and think about it. Then he called me later to double check the price of his one favorite ring which is a three stone diamond ring in white gold. It is yummy. It has channel set diamonds on either side of the 3 stones. Just in case that was more than he could afford, he was worried if I had something similar but a little less.

Frankly, I love helping those in love. He's so eager to please and do it right. It's so cute. We don't get commission, but even if I did, I wouldn't break someone's bank just for my own gain.

Then I had a hilarious middle aged gentleman who brought me the sales and with the pic of what he wanted circled. I love a man who comes prepared. I showed him the case where his rings were, and he decided he wanted two others. He had to get two you see because he had two lady friends. Just friends he said. He took a very long time looking at each ring and selecting exactly the look he thought he liked best.

Then there was the future son-in-law who was shopping with his futer FIL. Now FIL had all the $$$. SIL had none apparently. FIL kept saying, "I promised to help you out."

SIL must be an idiot. That's all I could figure. It's a wonder FIL didn't choke him. "Do you like this," he would ask as I showed him each piece.

"I dunno. Do you think she would like it?"

OMG. It took a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for that kid to finally commit to something all the while saying, "I don't know. Do you think she'll like it?"

I did manage to sell him a very affordable ring on clearance that was beautiful for his future wife, but it was like pulling teeth. I wanted to knock on his head and ask if anyone was in there!!!

And I'm sorry this is so long, but you must hear about the RUDIE-PANTS teenage girl with an attitude. Miss Rudie-pants says as loud as she can, "Can I get some help over here," as if I were ignoring her when I had just finished a customer and was putting some things back that I had set on the floor. I cannot have things on the floor out of the case if I am not right there!

I came over and she says, "I'm looking for something you had in your sales flier." You know this is my favorite line. "Can you describe it for me?"

Do you know what this idiot said? "NO!"

Great. Now how am I going to help her. What a dufus. So she gets on the phone with her mother who apparently sent her on this errand. Meanwhile another older gentleman walks up so he needed help. She was on the phone so I started helping him. She then says really loudly, "You were helping me first," and yells to the other girl working nearby, but not in my area, "Can you give me a sales flier."

I tell her that I need to page a manager to help her as I have another customer, but if she can wait a minutes, she will certainly be taken care of. Now I page 3 times before I finally get someone to come over.

She starts to tell me about some heart earrings blah blah blah. So I point her to some display tables we have, guessing as best I could based on what she was telling me.

Meanwhile, the gentleman I am with also wants some heart hoop earrings, sees them in the ad, and I go right to them. I ring him up and off he goes.

As he leaves, the manager shows up and she says that I sold her earrings she wanted to another customer while she was the one who got there first. WTF? Is she kidding me? This little teenage kid about 16 is to young to be so rude and lie!

But I didn't get in trouble because I did what I was supposed to: call for assistance from a manager when I have a problem customer. What a pain in my rump. On the phone the whole time. You know the type. No manners at all. Anyway, all those other cuties made up for it.

Hope you had a great V-Day. I did. DH got me my favorite Godiva Truffles...which Ihave been scarfing down until I am sick!


Melanie said...

I hope Peter and I are in love like that couple when we hit their age, I think it adorable to see older people displaying their love and affection.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Leigh.

Anonymous said...

Those are great stories! I love the first one best, the one about the older couple. This has got to be your busiest time, I'd guess!
Oh, and the LO is GWAR-geous, too!

Dielle said...

Sorry about miss rudie pants. Kids like that drive me up a wall!!! But the story about that older couple was just priceless!

Susan Darter said...

I love to read such inspiring stories. Makes my heart swell!
Oh, and you make my kits look so beautiful.
Susan of Raspberry Road