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Sunday, February 24, 2008

As I sit here

ds and dh are busy watching some Nascar race on t.v. DS is a big Jimmie Johnson fan. I like to trick him when he leaves the room and tell him Jimmie wrecked. I always get his goat! LOL! He went to work at 7a this morning and got off around 11:30a or so.

DD is busy im'ing on the computer, texting, and listening to music. I'm surprised her brain doesn't explode sometimes! She's been doing homework for part of the day and went to youth group.

I had a headache just about all day. Couldn't get rid of it. It was getting worse. Took some migraine stuff and OH YEAH! Feelin' fine!

Dh is nodding off during the race. He likes to nap in the evening! LOL!

I spent most of my weekend scrapping when I wasn't at work. Scrapstreet was having a big crop this weekend where you earn tickets. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances of winning the big prize. Frankly, I'm burned out from the 4 lo's I made, which were alot of fun to do. So I am organizing my scrap stash into my designer's folders. That's how I keep everything. And unzipping new kits I need to use, although I am finished all my CT assignments for the month except for two remaining for Scrapstreet's mag! I'm excited.

And this weekend, I'm off to a weekend crop so I probably won't do alot of scrapping this week, just to keep my mojo fresh!

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ChrissyW said...

WOW!!! your header is amazing! and LOVE the pages - so creative!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty restful weekend. I love the King of My Heart LO, the colors are wonderful! There's a saturated-on-pale LO in my head that just hasn't surfaced yet. LOL
Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

great layout! I really love that bottom one!

Have a wonderful day!

Lisa Peppers said...

CUTE PAGES!! I especially love the last one with all the reds and teals and tan. Very cute!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Awesome layouts!! I ended up trying to scrap alot but did try to watch some of the race. Bummed out it got rain delayed.

Have a great night!

Michelle Filo said...

great new LOs! hope you are feeling better from that headache. Thanks for stopping by my bloggie :)

Melanie said...

Gorgeous work as always Leigh, love all your work.
Love the layout One of a Kind, simply stunning Leigh.