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Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Layouts and the Birthday Cake

Credits here

Credits here

Okay, I had fun today making these lo's. It feels so good to not be working and be at home doing some things I love. That includes unzipping and playing with all the new things that the designers I create for have been making. I've gone crazy!

I tried something new today as well. I made that white background lo, which I usually do not do white! And I did the cartoony-handdrawn look that so many are doing. I like it when I have time to do things that I have been wanting to try, and I like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.

I also finished dh's black birthday cake. I guess I should have bought the large black powdered food coloring because my cake and icing are gray, but that still works! I didn't make regular cake icing. Instead I made cream cheese icing and then used the cake icing (made with crisco) to decorate. It's so fun having someone turn fifty and getting to mess with them a little bit. Wait til he sees his black candles! I'm so bad!

Ds has been so helpful today. He's excited that it's a birthday. He's like me. He loves a good celebration. Dd is in a bad mood. But then she helped me get presents yesterday so I can't really complain, although it is chapping my hide! Mainly she is mad because I wouldn't let her drive to the mall to get an ice cream and meet her two friends. But she hand't done her chores at home and exactly where was she getting $$$ to pay for ice cream??? Anyway, she's going to be having cake later with us so she doesn't need ice cream.


4guysandme said...

beautiful layouts and fun stuff with the cake!

Barb said...

Great layouts ~ I love the white one!

Kelly T. said...

Pictures of the cake - please... I am dying to see this!

Awesome LO's - you did a wonderful job with the white background and doodles.