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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I need your help and gratitude: Terri Hale Kessler

Today I sent out sixty requests for donations on FB to my TKE friends and scrapbookers I have met through the years at various places and events!
I watch every day as the Spirit moves in the world and amazes me with the generosity of the people I know. I can't do it alone. My motto is, "Getting to Kenya one cross at a time, one donation at a time."
No cross order or no donation is more important than another as quite simply without each one, I cannot get to fulfill my dream to serve in Kenya!
I've told you about some of my amazing sorority sisters. The thing is, over the years, through the joy of FB, we have reconnected, gotten to know each other better, and have even better relationships now! One special girl is Terri Hale Kessler, who I met in 7th grade at Gunston Junior High. Yeah, she scratched out Alice Lee's name on a Valentine card and said, "Oh, I spelled your name wrong."
I can picture it to this day...in the gym locker room. Funny the things we remember. But a simple error took two girls on a ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous journey of friendship, lasting through a move by me to California! Where she called me, as our parents allotted us so many minutes on the phone because back then you had to pay by the minute, to tell me she just cut her finger off by slamming it in the door. She took her mitten off, and the rest of the top of her finger was in the mitten. Gross! HA! But all part of friendship through the years. I moved back to Virginia, and went to George Mason where Terri and I had to pledge the same sorority. She was telling me all about rush and we went in thinking to pledge one cuz of a friend of hers, and wound up in a completely different and fabulous AOII!
Anyway, Terri and I lost touch with each other. Facebook came around and many of us girls reconnected. Everyone who got on here said, "Where is Terri Hale?"
Talk about popular! Everyone wanted to find her. We searched everywhere, and then one day she pops up online! She's Terri Hale Kessler now, but she will always be that funny redheaded girl I met in 7th grade!
Okay, off on a tangent I went. So I posted how I need $68 a day to get to my first goal of $1, 760 by December 19th based on what I have received so far. I only count cash on hand cuz if it's not in my hand, it's not in the church's mission trip fund for me! And lo and behold, lil' Miss Terri Marie Hale Kessler says she will buy me a day!
I nearly cried. I might still. I was humbled. You see, I asked. The Spirit worked. God fulfilled. One day closer! One day, through a beautiful woman I knew at 13 (EGAD scary isn't it!).
Thank you, Terri!

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