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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beverly Tucker Schaeffer and Stepping Out In Faith

Back in the fall of 1982, I pledged AOII at George Mason University with my best friend from high school, Terri Hale Kessler. We were initiated into this sorority founded in 1897 by four ladies...who had no idea Facebook would ever exist. Facebook has allowed many of us from Gamma Alpha Chapter to reconnect. The president when I was a pledge, our pledge trainer (poor woman...we were a rebellious class due to our size and strong mindedness), my fellow pledges, sisters from before me, and sisters who followed me, including my little sister, Theresa Lynch Wheeler.

One who followed me was a young lady named Beverly Tucker Schaeffer. (Have to use all those married names and maiden names in case people forget your married name!) I had my crew. She had her crew. We shared the bond of sisterhood.

Now come to 2010, and let me tell you about a conversation we had on Facebook. You see, I have as I have mentioned in previous posts, stepped out in FAITH. I must raise all the money in order to go to Kenya because I don't have it due to some life circumstances.

My FB post: "AOII-Gamme Alpha Chapter... You girls are friggin' awesome! Were, are and continue to be! Thanks to each of you helping me get to Kenya!!!"
(My post was made in response to figuring out I need to bring in $52 a day between now and Dec. 19th to make my goal of $1, 760 by that date. And I just had gotten an order from Terri Hale Kessler for five of my crosses that I have been making like a fiend. $50, plus an order from one of my daughter's friends, making a total of $60 because God is always bigger than my dreams.)
Bev: "How closst to goal are you? I mean, I know you're already going, but how goes it???"
Me: "Oh no! I'm not already going for sure March 2011. If I can't make my $1, 750 by Dec. 19th, they keep the money raised and push me to a later date! That's my first deadline.The Balance is due Jan. 29th! Right now I have raised a whopping $240 on top of my deposit! I have a ways to go! Now, that is cash in hand. I  think I have another $150 in firm orders for crosses. A few more peeps have promised to order...I'm putting along and also will earn $$ for my scrapbook classes...And I've sent out about 40 letters asking for donations... :)
Bev: So, put that in layman's terms for this English major. How much more do you need? Just gimme a number. I'll make it happen.
(My heart was aching from joy; tears were filling my eyes from shear amazement. Frankly, I was embarrassed to tell her how big my goal was.)
Me: $2,960 total... :) if you make it happen, I'm sneaking u in my luggage! It was $3,500 to go plus $150 deposit.
Bev: Lemme see what I can drum up, sweetie. I got on the horn & got two of my coworkers to their goals for their Komen for the Cure walk. God needs you to go, the people there need you to go. Your heart is already there.
Me: You are making me cry! and my heart is already there. Not truer words spoken! The bonds of sisterhood surely are special! <3

1. I could not believe what I was reading! My stepping out in FAITH was being made whole. My friend, Bev, was answering my prayers. Divine intervention at hand. Glorious and beautiful Holy Spirit filled conversation.
2. How could Bev put into words this: "God needs you to go, the people there need you to go. Your heart is already there."?  I felt led by God to go on this mission trip. This mission trip reached out and grabbed me, and said this is the one. The people need me, she said, yet I know, I will learn more from them than anything I can humanly do for them. And, "my heart is already there."
Yes, Bev, my heart is already there. You made the sun stand still for me last night.

I know this mission is meant for me because I kept wavering. Afraid. Afraid to step out in FAITH. It's scary. Stand on a precipice and say, "Lord, I have nothing. You must do it all. I am here willing to serve. Help me." And over the ledge I went because my little sister, Theresa Lynch Wheeler sent me a check to cover my deposit and a piece of my trip.  And I continue, not to fall, but to rise because if you step out in FAITH, God will lift you up. And Beverly Tucker Schaeffer is a living example of the Spirit working through people and of goodness and a true heart.

I can't say thank you. It's is small word for such large gestures. But, I will carry all ofyour names to Kenya in my pocket. And every day, I will say a prayer of THANKSGIVING for God's greatneness in allowing me to serve and each of you for getting me there!

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