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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mission to Kenya Update 1

I am sending out some letters to family and close friends today. Only 10 so far. Not alot, but I was truly blessed with the very first donation (and you know who you are!)

It is hard to ask people for money. It is hard to ask people for money for a mission trip. I am truly stepping out in FAITH on this one, as if I don't raise the cost of the trip: $3,500 through donations, I simply cannot go.

I would love to thank everyone personally on my blog and make a list of donors! I will set that up as I get some in and also a little "meter" to track my progress. December 19th isn't that far off so I really need to get in gear.

Everytime I think of not going, the Lord puts something in my life that says you need to go. I think that a mission trip is a calling. It is not for everyone as we all have different gifts and talents that can be used in various ways and places. Why me? I do not know, but the Spirit has spoken loudly to me, and so, I will follow.

I hope you read and enjoy what I write...and photos eventually. Post a comment. Ask questions if you want.

I do worry a bit that people I ask for donations from will wonder how legitimate is this serving in Africa. I will set u direct links, too, on my sidebars for that. Not today. The 410 Bridge and New Spring are directly linked if you have questions or are curious now about my trip which is again March 17-26, 2011.

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