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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donations and only 32 days left to raise $1,690

Progress is slow in the area of raising money. I know it is going to be hard, but the Lord keeps telling me to step out in FAITH, and so I am. This is completely an act of FAITH. I do not have the money to do this myself.

Now, a bright note in the aspect of fundraising, my cross necklaces and keychains are hits! As soon as the money really starts coming in for them, I will be on fire! Towards my goal of $1,750 I currently have $60. I have paid my deposit already. That means I have $1,690.

I worry that people are going to get sick of hearing about this, but if I don't keep it in the forfront, it won't happen.

If I sell 170 cross pendants and keychains, I got it!!!! Then on for the remainder due in January! If 100 people gave $10 each, I would have $1,000 towards my goal.  If 50 people gave $20 each...and so on. I try to break it down like that. Small steps into the big picture. Thirty two days left to reach my goal....

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