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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purse N Alize It (Silver Impressions)!

I used to work at Silver Impressions, now PursNalize it (located next to the Piggly Wiggly on 2nd Loop Road). Yesterday, I went up there and ran in to Jerri, one of the owners. I told her about my mission trip and my crosses, AND THEY AGREED TO CARRY THEM FOR ME! And to make sure even when they have sales that I always get $10 for each one they sell. I'm so excited! That is such a huge blessing and divine intervention! I thought they might do it, but I dared not assume or get my hopes up to far...I must remember the sermon about the day the sun stood still! Quite amazing how God is opening the doors for me to go to Kenya, one cross at a time!
I hope you will go by there and get one of my crosses and while you are in there, browse their amazing personalized gift selection. They have everything! They monogram and engrave!
While at Linn's store, Scrapbook Concepts, I ran into a lady telling me about her Etsy store and how her product has taken off. I have seen some people I know on FB talk about things in their ETSY shops...I got her phone number in case I need help. Next stop Etsy!
Met Laura Broach's mother-in-law today. Lovely woman! She bought a purple cross. While Laura was here with Barbara, she mentioned zipper pulls and back pack tags! Kids love to hang things off their backpacks!
You see, when the door is wide open, you know you are doing the right thing.
Two more goals tomorrow I can't mention...
Now I have to get William Major going...the trend setter that he is! Gotta make his so he can wear it around and show everyone.

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