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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sage Writings of Friends and Raising $1,325 by Dec. 19th

Okay, I have a very verbose friend who has exceptional writing skills. Far beyond my capacity to express myself. You read about her in my previous blog post...Beverly Tucker Schaeffer. She wrote the most beautiful FB request to her friends to help support me in my fundraising efforts to Kenya. It told her I was going to post it here because it was so beautifully written. Can I find it? No. FB won't let me go back that far. And why didn't I post it when she wrote it? Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda...I'm finally off today. GACK! I wanted to share it. And it's not on her FB page for me to get. Double GACK! Oh well, I shall request she IM me it and post it later!

I have another helper, too. Her name is Beth Walsh, another Gamma Alpha AOII. Gotta love those girls! I posted about needing to raise another $1,325 by December 19th and she writes, " Well, that's only about 14 friends puchasing about 10 necklaces and/or keychains that they turn around and use as small gifts or stocking stuffers at Christmas with  (a note of who made it and why is what I plan to put on the boxes for mine). And a straight out donation towrads the trip is OK, right? And probably tax deductible."

Then she wrote, "C'mon Greeks -- we don't want Leigh out in front of the supermarket ringing a bell hocking her necklaces.  Let's get her to Kenya before she starts thinkjing of which intersections in Florence have the longest traffic lights."

How I wish I lived near these two! And thank God for FB. They are a delight!

Anyway, you can purchase my necklaces and/or keychains to give as gifts. To keep for yourself. To share with friends. My keychains hang on backpacks! Kids love backpack tags! That is one way to support me.
Another way is to simply make out a check to NewSpring Church and mail it to me at home or you can mail it directly to the church with a post it note on it - Leigh Bossinger March 2011. Please don't put anything in the memo section. The IRS has a fit.

The church address is:
NewSpring Church

Attn: Kenya Trip
PO Box 1407
Anderson, SC 29622
No, I do not want to stand infront of Walmart with a bell hocking my wares. Tres embarrassing, but if it would get me to Kenya, I would do it. I do have my necklaces/keychains at two local businesses who have offered to sell them for me: PurseNalize It and Desert Sun Tanning. Please patronize them, and while you are there, pick up several of my crosses for a good cause!!! All proceeds from the sale of my crosses go towards my mission trip! In addition, to selling them myself, putting them in two local businesses, I am teaching at the local scrapbook store: Scrapbook Concepts. $5.00 from each person who takes the classes I am teaching is going towards my mission trip! And yes, I am sending donation letters out. US MAIL has delivered some, and I"m about to start using FB to contact some people whose addresses I don't have. And yes, I am praying ardently...
And no, I do not want to stand at Florence's busiest interesection with the longest lights...clearly five points...which is actually six, but who is counting...if you live here, you know exactly where I'm talking about. It's a mess!
So as they say, leave no stone unturned. And if I have, please let me know what it is so I can fix it. It is my drive, my desire, my heart to get to Kenya to serve!!! Please help me! I can't do it alone!

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