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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kenya Post 2

Not too much exciting to say. I really need to do more like get my passport and figure out all these shots. The only thing that freaked me out a little was how the information of the risk of malaria was so alarmingly long. Treatment before trip, treatment during trip, and treatment after you get home. I don't want malaria, and I'm not worried about it, but if I had that kind of personality, the web information would have scared the tar out of me.
I hope that my friends and family will be excited for me to have this experience. Everyone who has gone has said it is life-changing. They went expecting to help and make an impact but came home being helped and being impacted. God will do amazing things, I'm sure.
Please pray for me that I am able to raise the funds for this trip. Even if I can't get it all together for March, I can still use he money I raise for another trip.
Some people ask me why I don't serve in my own community. Why I would go half way around the world to serve when people need help right in our own backyard. Isn't that a bit presumptuous? I do serve actively in my church. And as an extension of that, I would like to reach out in the world. America is a blessed country, and we as Americans enjoy a high standard if living. I feel that as Americans we should be involved in the world. What is a great nation if we only serve ourselves?

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