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Monday, July 23, 2007

ATC Card and Making A Sticker

Well, I'm back from vacation. Lots of stories to tell, which I will. I need to catch up on so many things...ie bills and such. Today was eaten up by getting a new tire since we got a flat on the way home. Praise GOD!!! that no one was hurt and it was just annoying because we had 2 holes in the sides of the tire - each one was 1"!!! Anyway, my tire on the van is an odd size so I had to take it to the dealer to get the tire. Which is fine. I just had to have a tire!

I did have a few minutes to scrapbook tonight so I did a challenge at Divine Digital. Day six was to do the tutorial and make a grunge brush and then use it to make a word sticker. Then use the word sticker on an ATC. So here is my ATC:

Credits: DAISIES welcome Kit; Traci Reed

Tomorrow is laundry and paperwork and cleaning to catch up so I will have some time during my morning coffee to check on friend's blogs and cruise a few boards!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I love that ATC leigh, it is gorgoeus.

Glad that nobody was hurt and you could get another tyre.