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Friday, July 13, 2007

Divine Digital Challenge Day 2

Today's challenge was Color My World. So I did. Orange. I'm in an orange phase right now. Not sure why. Not to wear, mind you. No way. I just love burnt orange. Remember that shade from the Crayola 64 box when we were kids? My scrap room is painted that shade, only Sherwin Williams calls it Monarch. I have one green accent wall because green has always been my favorite color in the whole world.
I used the overlay feature and screen in PSE for the first time. It actually turned my green to a yeloow, which matched what I had going on with this page anyway. The overlay feature turned my black "inked" edges to the dark orange you see on the layout's edge. Also used some filters to get the frames on the page.
This page is completely my own design. Like the photo stack? I saw that somewhere and had to try it. Now my contacts are kind of blurry right now so I'm not seeing sharp edges. I think they are dry. I'm assuming this lo turned out ok!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

This is beautiful, you make it sound so easy but Im sure it is so hard to create this layout.

I love orange too, it really brightens up your day.