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Friday, July 06, 2007

More Digi Layouts- Almost Done 200 LO"S this year

okay, I'm down to 75 lo's to go. When I hit 72, I will have done 200 layouts this year. 200! I can't believe it! Now that's alot of scrapping!

I made a lo last night that I will post later on. I just need to add some journaling to it. I used a new Sepia filter from OptikVerve that I learned about on Scrapstreet. It was very easy to download and use just like they said. It went great with my lo. Just the right effect.

I tried making the bow that one of my Scrapstreet friends sent me directions for, but there weren't any picture, which made it very confusing. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for something that technical last night! I think I'm going to buy one of those bow making add-ons. I did make a pretty dark green satin ribbon, but I ended up not using it. Some things are just better left to those who can do it with ease. At least for the time being, until I am better!

I tried some new brushes as well. I really need to learn about brushes. They are very useful and something I dont' quite understand. Especially about intalling new ones. Like I made that stitch brush and I used the arrow brush I got from 2Peas in the Venice Beach kit. I'm just not sure how or where to install them to get them to be permanent.

I did download a brush viewing software, but I'm not quite sure how that works either. At least I'm not bored! LOL!

Off to the gym and then some more digi scrappin'. I want to hit the 200 mark this weekend. I'm sure I will!

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Melanie said...

Well done on the 200th layout. Im getting there, Lol I have done 131 layouts this year.