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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 Nicknames & Tangie Baxter & Personal Requests

Ok. I am a lucky duck. Tangie Baxter picked me as one of her new creative team members. That was my big secret. This pic was directly from her blog and website.
Which, of course, I will be posting a direct link to. I'm going to have to clean up and arrange my links so that it makes more sense. Add some blinkies and such. Maybe I'll play with my blog tonight while I watch tv. Not sure, but sometime soon these things will be done!
I hope it's alright to post Tangie's fridge here because it is so cute, and I don't know these ladies, and I didn't want to leave anyone out!
Princess Lala's List for today...your five nicknames from school.
The obvious ones:
1. Red - duh, I have red hair. Real original!
2. Fanny Farkle - I never got this one as my parents were very strict about tv when we were growing up. It wasn't until I was 25 that I saw my first Laugh In episode and there were the Farkles. I always thought it was a play on the word "freckle". Kids are so innocent, arent' they!
3. String Bean - ah, those were the days. I used to be ridiculously thin growing up. Legs and tall so my dad called me string bean. Oh, what sorority life, kegs, and pregnancy will do to a woman!
4. Clueless - Oh how my brother loves this one. That was my college nickname - a play on my maiden name. I'm above average smart so I guess people thought it was just hysterical, although I think I went around pretty airheaded so maybe they didn't know I was smart!
5. JennyBean - I do not know why my friends called me this name. Our friend, Ralph, gave all of us names cuz he said they were better than our real names.
I wasn't sure I could come up with five. I had a short first name: Leigh, that didn't beg for alot of nicknames and wasn't used to make funny words. I guess God thought that my red hair and freckles and glasses was enough to live through without a horrible first name! LOL!
I'd love to hear all y'all's fun nicknames.
I will tell you one that my dear friend Nancy did not enjoy growing up with. Her middle name was a family name: Barnhardt...they called her barnfart. Kids are just mean! You can't help what your parents feel is a great idea using a family name.
I do believe that is all I have to say for today. I didn't work today because they had an audit and I guess it upset the whole store. I'm being rescheduled. They're supposed to call me back.
I almost forgot this highlight of my evening: a special request for a lo! Yes, it's true. Scrapstreet needed a lo for an article in the Nov. E-zine, and they asked me to whip one up! How cool is that? A personal request to fill a spot! I was so jazzed. I'm already in the Nov. issue anyway, but I submitted that one.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. The dj's played it on the radio this morning and I had to run home and find it! How original and creative and what a great way to reach teens!


HapEScrapr said...

I snagged the fridge for my blog too! It's good advertising. Good to meet you.

Melanie Harris said...

Congratulations Leigh, you are on fire sweetie and you deserve it all.

I had some shocking nicknames at school, kiddo (baby of the family), Anna (anorexia as I was so thin), Adal Vise (sp) as my middle name is Adel and last name Weis. Lol

dypecek said...

Nice blog, Love you header

Anonymous said...

Love that video...as far as nicknames...mmmm, no I better not say....lol! Have a great day!!

Michelle Filo said...

congratulations :)

thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a cozy little pcae here youself :)


Andrea said...

I LOVE that fridge! I used to have a blog called Fridge Notes and the template was a fridge, but when I changed my domain, the meanies at Tripod deleted it. Argh.
Jenny Bean is one of my main nicknames for my baby! Our last name is Boyer, so I give both girls the -Bee suffix a lot: Atha Bee and Jenny Bee, and with Jen it becomes Jenny Bean a lot.
I love your blog idea. I'm going to have to remember to come back here for "blog prompts" when I'm stuck LOL!