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Monday, October 29, 2007

Questions and Scanning

Digi credits: Autumn Forest Floor by Tangie Baxter.

I wasn't ever going to scan my photos that weren't already digi. But then I saw some lo's done by Patti on the Cottage Arts CT with me. It got me thinking and then guess what I did today. I was cleaning out the garage, which is a never ending project. I found a wedding album thing that someone had given my mother that was partially filled out. I scanned what she had written and took out the memorabilia she had placed in there and scanned that, too. Which leads me to think that I will be scanning my wedding album photos to scrap next!

Princess Lala asks what five things made you cry? I'm assuming these are life's moments.
1. I cried when my Dad lifted my veil at my wedding. I don't know why because I was very happy to get married. I guess just the emotion of it all!
2. I cried when my dd made cheerleading in 7th grade because my mom had just died, and she was a cheerleader when she was young. Plus I as very proud. It's hard to make when 100 girls try out!
3. I cry on my children's birthdays because it is one less year they will be living at home with me. Not that I want them to live here forever, especially when they are afflicted with teen-itis!
4. I always cry on the first day of school when I drop them off. Just one less year for them to be with me at home and one more stage of growing up! Mind you, I cry in the car. Not infront of all their friends!
5. I cry when I think of my mother who I miss dearly. She died unexpectedly young and even though it has been five years, she was my dear friend. I miss her!
So there you have it. Kind of depressing, isn't it.
I also cry when my friends are so funny that they make me laugh hysterically like they did at the crop on Friday night.

And to leave on a light note because there is too much sadness in this world! A man called dh to order some paint today. He was foreign. When dh asked him what kind of paint he wanted the color he selected in, the man replied, "in a round metal can." OMG! bwahahahahahahhah!


Purple Frog said...

You're braver than I am. I will NOT go to the garage to get anything out! I have a HUGE tote full of pictures out there, but they're going to stay in there! ... Probably for the simple reason that my scanner BITES. It's one of the ones that's a printer/fax/scanner/copier/lunchbox ...LOL You get the idea!

Heather said...

ROFL! at the paint! That is classic!

I love that page! Beautiful red, and what a gorgeous picture! I need to get out all of my son's baby pictures and scan those. Someday. sigh

Let's see, what made me cry. Watching my sister dance with my dad at her wedding. I was so happy for her, but sad that I didn't get that at my wedding, cuz it was a little one.
All of my children's births.
When I think of my grandparents.
When watching bambi or the lion king. LOL
When someone hurts my kids' feelings really bad. And they are crushed.

Fayth said...

lol at the paint. Maybe he thought he would get it in a plastic bucket?

I always cry when DS learns new things. It's just another symbol of growing up, and I'm not ready for that!

Anonymous said...

Love your posting today....hmmm, things that made me cry-well if I went into that, I'd be crying at work.... :) So i will smile and leave you with "Have an awesome day, Leigh"

Andrea said...

Oh things that make me cry.. I'm a weirdo and I don't cry because of my real life, I only cry because of songs I hear, or things I see on tv. I cried buckets watching Oprah recently when a woman who'd just had a mastectomy was holding her baby daughter who wanted to nurse.. oh, that makes me sad again. And the African Children's choir singing that Josh Groban song on Idol Gives Back, that made me cry, with their expectant, bright little faces, thinking of what their lives must be like. Oh, and hormones make me cry. Isn't that weird? When you can FEEL your hormones making you do something, but you are powerless to stop it?
I love your blog! Makes me think!

Aimeemomof2 said...

The thought of scanning all my old pics, makes me run with panic!! Seems like a monumental task!

Dawn said...

Glad you have decided to scan photos! I have to really, or I will not have any pages of my daughter when she was young, lol.
Thanks for the laugh at the end!

NW Lady said...

Gee Leigh, I'm so glad I inspired you to scan the photos. It's so fun to see them come to life in digital and amazing what things you never saw in the flat photo. A whole new life and breath you will bring to these photos for generations to come!