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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Layouts I couldn't post yesterday on blogger

Rasbberry Road Fall Festival; Kelly Mize Ad Challenge Template

Tracy Beck Seeing Dogs; Shelley Rae Play It Loud; brushes from Obsidian Dawn

Circle Template by Jen Caputo; Rhonna Ferrar Color My World; CottageArts.net Scrape.Frames 2; Rasberry Road Girl Power

I used another set of the scrap frames from CottageArts.net. I love the way you can use the groupings or use single frames in that kit. I also love the way some are jazzed up and some are plain.

Oh, I have a little secret, but I can't tell. It will be revealed tomorrow. Sssssshh!

Got this question over at Divine Digital: What are the five best crayons in the crayon box? It's a prompt for a Book About Me exercise...
Now my first question is...do you mean the 64 Crayola Crayon box...my favorite as a kid. Remember when the crayons were new and all sharp. Lined up so neatly in the box, ready to be used.
Magenta is number one for me. I just love the name of that color aside from the color itself. It was always one of the ones I used down to a nub.
Cornflower blue. Do you remember that color? Well, my dh has eyes that color. Amazing! So that is my favorite color number 2.
Number 3 is burnt sienna. I'm in an orange phase right now, but not orange orange...burnt sienna. I love it's deep, rich color.
Red is number 4. Who doesn't like red. I have red hair. I used red alot. Plus red is such a great color. It's vibrant, and I love wearing it. It says HELLO. I'm HERE!
Forest green is number 5. I've always liked forest green. I love all shades of green except mint. I can't stand pastel colors. They are like colors without any heart or conviction.

What are your five favorite colors in the crayon box?


petra a*k*a milo82 said...

lovely Lo's and well since it's monday...tell us the secret you're keeping :)

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog!:)

~Steph said...

Your LO are just beautiful & you have a wonderful blog ... I'll be back to visit soon!

Helena said...

Great layouts! I like the curve on the first one.

Melanie Harris said...

All of your layouts are stunning, I love the design of them. I feel the need to scraplift.

I love Magenta too. It is a stunning colour.