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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Card for those days when things just happen...kwim

I made this card for a challenge at CottageArts.net. Hope you like it!
Digi credits: Growth Spurts Element Pak & Page Pak www.cottagearts.net; Jackies Hand @ fontologie

Other than that, I hurt my knee in yoga. Think I popped a tendon. RRRRGGGHHH! I'm on an anti-inflammatory. But I'll be back to yoga next Tuesday! I do enjoy it.

I also started my pt job today. It was fun. I was training with a really nice girl named, Tosha. We're learning all about jewelry. There are some beautiful things in this world, girls.

I'm not coveting. I'm not buying. I'm just saying that some creations are just lovely. I do believe that the pearl is such a perfect creation. Think about it...small and round, lovely, irridescent. A thing of beauty taken from an irritant. Tosha said the Greeks call them tears of God. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I feel ya, Marilyn!


Melanie Harris said...

Ive always loved Pearls. I love Opals too, they are beautiful too.

Hope you are pain free soon, it sounds awful. Exercise isn't supposed to be that painful. Lol

Amy said...

I still don't know what kwim means, but I'm starting to think it's not a good thing... lol. My newbieness is showing!