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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beth Rimmer It's Raining Men at Digitals

Ok. Some people are just creative in an exceptional way. I love the way Beth Rimmer thinks. Her kits are beautiful and the design is impeccable. I'm playing with It's Raining Men Backpack available at Digitals Template was a freebie from Lindsay Jane Designs that I picked up this week doing the Blog Train at DST.

It's Raining Men Backpack available at Digitals Used the OptikVerve filter to get a black & white. Cut out the clutter from the background. Brushes are Obsidian Dawn Scribbles.

This is my first CT assignment for Beth Rimmer. I hope you will check out her stuff. You will be seeing more of it on my blog and galleries as time goes on!
Beth Rimmer at Digitals

Princess Lala asks today: What are your five favorite comfort foods?
1. chips
2. chocolate malt
3. smoothie
4. diet coke
5. Toblerone

Let me just say that I have worked very hard not to turn to food for comfort. I do my absolute best to go the gym and work it out that way! All excessive food is going to do is put on unnecessary pounds. I know because after my mother died, I gained 30 lbs., which I have lost and kept off. The problem is getting rid of the rest I have, but all things in due time. So yes, I do have comfort foods, but I never refer to them as that. And I know OUT LOUD, that when I had a bad day/week/moment that drives me to eat instead of the gym, that Dr. Phil knows exactly what I am doing. Eating to find solace. hahahahah but we all know that there really is no comfort in food. So I post this question with some hesitation as I do believe in being healthy so that we can live a long time for our families. But I also know that sometimes we just don't give a rat's arse, and we want that bar of chocolate. So in your moment of desperation, what is your turn to food? Do you have one?


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Cute layout! I love that kit!

My favorite comfort food is just out and out CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Sara E said...

that kit, It's Raining Men, is such a funny idea...and it looks very fun too

hmmm..not sure what my one comfort food is...i guess lately it's been ice cream late at night.....
but i do snack on pita chips all throughout the day

Heather said...

Great layout! Love that fold!

What food do I turn to? Hmmmm, all of it? LOL

Diet Mt Dew is my vice. But I don't think it's a comfort food. I don't think I have any specific foods I turn to when I'm down. I'll take chocolate anytime. LOL

I can say, my mom's scalloped potatos are always good to make me feel good. Something about them just makes me happy.

Other than that, if I turn to food, which happens too much, it's whatever I can find in the cupboards that the kids haven't gotten to first.

Purple Frog said...

Ugh ... carbs! I'm a carb junkie! Crackers, chips, cake, bread ... Totally carbs!
You've made some really nice layouts!! I really enjoy coming here to see what lovely things you've created!

Victoria said...

Beautiful layouts!

Azrood said...

Love the wonderful layouts! My comfort food is definitely something homebaked that contains chocolate (cookies, brownies, cake, etc.) and a good cup of coffee.

Dawne said...

Love that layout! Food? hmm... CHOCOLATE!!!!!