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Friday, October 19, 2007

Seeing Dogs by Traci Beck

Digi Credits :
Traci Beck Seeing Dogs @ www.scrappinggarden.com
Royanna Fritschmann Sweetie Pea Label @ Divine Digital
Refresh Word Art Titles @ Scrapgirls
font: Love Ya Like A Sister @ fontologie

My daugher loves this ride. It looks like a pirate ship usually and swings back and forth and goes higher and higher and around...bleh! But isn't that what rides are all about! She loves the state fair and she and her daddy go every year as a special father/daughter treat. He even takes a couple of her friends. They had so much fun at the fair that they all fell asleep on the way home, which was fine with dh because the Gamecocks were playing and he wanted to listen to the game anyway!

My knee is getting better. I can tell. Hopefully a few more days and I'll be good as new! Ah, the benefits of exercise!

Special thanks to Mel, who is a regular visitor and commentor on my blog! Shout out to ya, girl, and your sweet baby, Lillee!

Hope ya have a great day everyone! I plan to be scrappin'! Playing with Traci Beck's Seeing Dogs kit and a new kit from NadlM...she sent me the link, but OOOOPS, forgot to include it...so I'm waiting for her new e-mail! LOL!

I also picked up a few extra hours for work next week, which is good because I need to pay for the scrapping weekend I signed up for in March!


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, that layout was making me dizzy, just like the ride, which I love. Great photo, terrific layout.

Enjoy your weekend.

Andrea said...

Yuk, I hate that ride! Too much gravity! But they lo is awesome! Good news about your knee, and enjoy your scrappin weekend!

The Wuthrich Family said...

Hey Leigh!

You are rockin'! I can't believe all of your toots lately! Congrats girl!

Oh and you've been tagged! Head on over to my blog to check it out http://jenthecrazyscrapbooker.blogspot.com/
and I will see you at Scrapstreet!


The Wuthrich Family said...

Hey Leigh!
Awesome blog! You are rockin' the digi world girl!

I just tagged you! Head on over to my blog http://jenthecrazyscrapbooker.blogspot.com/ to check out all the details!

See you at scrapstreet!


Amy said...

fantastic LO! What fun!

Melanie Harris said...

That ride would scare the life out of me. Lol

Great layout though, thanks for your kind words Leigh. Mwah.