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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall & Homecoming

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Isn't fall a terrific time of year. You get a small break from the heat...well, we're not, but some people do! LOL! I love the way fall smells. Pine needles and such! The colors are so rich and divine, too. Check out this cool thing I spotted on my walk the other day. It was awesome whatever it is...so rich in color and texture. As it is fall, they are falling off the tree. Believe it or not, I took this photo with my camera on my phone. It has a 2.1 megapixel camera. I think they turned out great! So sharp

Homecoming Pep Rally where I sweated my brains out because it was hot as fire outside and there is no air conditioning in the gym. I know the cheerleaders, band, and students were hot, too. I was busy videoing.
Then later on, it was off to the field for the big game. They were womped. I mean like 52-to-who-cares-its-stopped-mattering. The other team scored 49 point by 1/2 time and put in (no lie) there third string. Our boys have heart. Our cheerleaders cheered their hearts out and the band played on!

Here is a pic I took from 15 rows up at the 45 yd. line. Talk about awesome seats! They were so great! This was shot with my camera phone, too. Soon to be scrapped. Look how sharp and detailed this pic is! I just love my phone...LG Env! In orange because I"m going through a love affair with orange right now!

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Melanie said...

Your phone takes good photos.
I love the layout you did too.