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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playing With Tangie Baxter

Digi Credits: Way To Stinkin' Cute & Sparkly Orbits Frames

This is my first lo using Tangie Baxter's products. I posted my lo here for your convenience and direct links to the products I used so you can go see them right away.

I've learned two things on blogger today. I figured I needed to. I learned how to direct link my blinkies. So if you click on the blinkies in my blog, you go right to the sites. And I've learned how to direct link text so when you click on the text, it takes you to the right URL. Whew! What a day! Sometimes geek speak is confusing and you have to decipher it a little. I'm sure there are other things I will be learning along the way to make my blog user friendly!

I hope you really will check out Tangie Baxter Designs. There's all kinds of fun stuff coming up. If you sign up for the newsletter by Oct. 31, you will be eligible for a $15.00 gift card! YAY! Now that is fun!

Oh Cottage Arts will be releasing something new and fun in their newsletter. I've already seen it. Sssssshhhh! Can't tell. Don't you hate that?! I do! I go crazy at Christmas with all those wrapped packages. I can't stand not knowing, but then, of course, knowing would ruin it, wouldn't it!

Now on to Princess Lala's question du jour: What are five pets you've had?
OMG! If I made the list of pets we have now, that would be six. But these are supposed to be pets you had growing up!
1. Father Frier - a poodle with a bad temper...sweet dog, but a wee bit on the crabby side! Love him! Nickname of Fri-Fri.
2. Moppette - looked like a miniature sheepdog. Sweetest dog that ever lived besides one of my current dogs, Harry. I was devastated when Moppy died. My mom didn't tell me for a few days cuz she knew I would cry.
3. Tulip - a male cat. Yes, my mother let us name the cat and we insisted on Tulip. What did we know about male/female and flower names.
4. Tinder - a dog before I was concious of my existence. In other words, I was a baby!
5. Guinea pig - that was when we lived in Europe. Our dog was with my grandparents so he wouldn't have to be quarantined for 6 months. We thought that would be too much for the dog!
Ok, so there you have it. Tell me about your pets!!!


Melanie Harris said...

I have had far too many pets to name. At once stage my mum and dad had 10 cats as we bred hymalians.

That is a beautiful layout.
I know how to link text but I am so clueless with images, might have to find out. Was it trial and error or is there a tutorial on it?

Melanie Harris said...

Woohoo, I learnt how to do the linked images Leigh. Lol

Im so proud of myself.

Flergs said...

Oh god way too many pets to name!!! And such a gorgeous layout.

Purple Frog said...

Congrats to you for figuring out some of the geek speak!! It's really not as hard as it seems once you do it a couple times;) Hope you have a great day .. and enjoy your animals!
PurpleFrog (aka Traci)